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How to use Siri in iOS and Sierra

Just a short one from me this time but none the less interesting (In my own opinion).>I have been an iOS users for years yet have never fully got to grips with how to use Siri in iOS and OSX


How to adjust iPhone Flashlight Brightness in iOS 10

iPhone Flashlight Brightness: I am forever using the Flashlight, (or Torch) within Control Center on my iPhone. When i say ‘Flashlight’, it’s really just the camera LED flash doubling up as a flashlight. But with a baby that keeps getting


Copy and paste across apple devices with universal clipboard

Universal Clipboard is one of the latest Continuity features available on Apple Devices. Before Universal Clipboard Apple previously released Handoff as a Continuity feature for starting a document within an app on one Apple device and then continuing that document


How to Prioritise iOS App Downloads in iOS 10

How to prioritise iOS App Downloads in iOS 10 Have you ever downloaded or updated a bunch of iOS apps all at the same time, then realized you really need to use one of those apps? The problem now is


iOS 10 Wi-Fi Tips: Fix Connection Problems

iOS 10 Wi-Fi Tips: Fix connection problems in your device Have you ever connected to a Wi-Fi network on your iPhone and wondered why it’s not working? Unless you’re an IT technician you may not know what you can try


Fix Wifi Issues: Captive Networks

Whilst travelling on a train up north to deliver another onsite training course, I decided to connect my iPhone to the train’s free Wi-Fi service. Shouldn’t be a problem should it? It’s easy to connect an iOS device to Wi-Fi

Mac OS X

Make your own Mac OSX Keyboard shortcuts

In one of our Mac Support Courses last week one of the delegates asked me about Mac OSX Keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are great for saving time and Apple is very clear on all the default shortcuts, they are displayed

Mac OS X

Cloud Based Authentication: Auth0

Our mobile/web team are always looking out for great user authentication services. A recent one we have been testing is Auth0. This company has been going for a couple of years now and have built up a really great reputation is

Mac OS X

Revise IT – OS X 10.11 Update News

The latest version of  Revise IT.  has just hit the App Store. This latest version adds test questions to help you study for the following EL Capitan certifications: OS X Support 10.11 (pass mark 74%) Mac Integration Basics 10.11 (pass mark 85%) Simply