How to use Siri in iOS and Sierra

Just a short one from me this time but none the less interesting (In my own opinion).>
I have been an iOS users for years yet have never fully got to grips with how to use Siri in iOS and OSX sierra in my day to day life. Some of this mainly down to my naivety of what Siri was able to do.

With the integration of Siri into macOS Sierra I felt I needed to maybe get onboard with Siri and the functionality available.

For many the extent of Siri related knowledge comes from either Apple ads, asking Siri “what can you do for me?” or clicking the ‘?’ in the lower left corner to get a short list.

What can you do?

While browsing the internet I came across a website named Hey-Siri. Hey Siri is an extensive list of currently 695 commands with over 1500 variations, however an update is due very soon. It has been created by Sandro Roth of Lucerne, Switzerland and is neatly presented with different categories to make it easy to find the available options.

Hey Siri

Among the many useful command categories like Maps & Navigation, Conversions & Knowledge, Sandro has also included a list of the more amusing commands that Apple have added for Siri. Although not necessarily going to improve your productivity, they will put a smile on your face! My favourites being: “Beatbox” and “What is 0 divide by 0?”.

With Siri now more accessible across devices it is only going to become a more prominent tool and  I myself will be using it alot more to help in my day to day tasks.