How to adjust iPhone Flashlight Brightness in iOS 10

iPhone Flashlight Brightness: I am forever using the Flashlight, (or Torch) within Control Center on my iPhone. When i say ‘Flashlight’, it’s really just the camera LED flash doubling up as a flashlight. But with a baby that keeps getting me out of bed in the middle of the night, having this ‘Flashlight’ to hand is really useful! The problem is that the Flashlight is really bright and previously could not be toned down. iOS 10 has now added a nice new update to the Flashlight : The ability to adjust the Flashlight Brightness!

The bad news. Like some of the other useful little updates to iOS in iOS 10, this feature is only available to users that have one of the later iOS devices. More specifically those with 3D Touch technology. 3D Touch was a new technology released with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus devices which senses how deeply users press the display, enhancing the Multi-Touch interface experience.

How do i change my Flashlight brightness level?

So lets look at the steps. There aren’t many, it’s pretty easy!
Step 1) Open Control Center by swiping up from the bottom edge of any screen. The Flashlight should be at the bottom left of the first Control Center window :
iphone flashlight
Step 2) Instead of tapping the flashlight to turn it on, apply pressure to the screen over the Flashlight to register a 3D touch. The 3D touch menu will appear with three levels of intensity; Low Light, Medium Light, and Bright Light :
Step 3) Tap on the brightness level of your choice to turn the flashlight on at that level of brightness. The Flashlight will highlight to notify you that the Flashlight in on :
Step 4) Apply pressure again to the screen over the Flashlight to modify the light level or tap the Flashlight to turn it off.

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This blog was written and demonstrated using an iPhone 6s running iOS 10.1.1, which was the latest release of iOS at the time of writing.