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Swift goes OpenSource

Back in June at WWDC 2015, Apple announced it would be open sourcing Swift. True to their word, Swift is now open source under an Apache 2.0 license. Swift is already one of the fastest growing languages and this can

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Swift App: 1 year Later

2nd June 2014, changed the world of iOS and OS X development – forever. This time last year iOS developers across the globe had no idea that in a few days Apple would launch a brand new programming language called

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Mac Meetup Presents: WWDC 2015 Live Stream London

Apple has confirmed that their annual WWDC event will kick off on the 8th of June. We’ll be hosting a WWDC event by streaming the keynote live on a big screen at our centre in Soho. So if you’re looking

iOS 8: Adds new enterprise features

So yesterday was the keynote for Apple’s Developer Conference, where they announce what they are planning for iOS and OS X for the year ahead. These events are normally exciting but this one in particular, Apple have out done themselves.

Our WWDC wish list for 2014

With WWDC just around the corner (4 days in fact), the general consensus seems to be that most of the announcements during the keynote will be consumer focussed. Therefore, we thought it was only right to create our own WWDC

What do I want in iOS 8?

So Apple’s annual developer conference is just around the corner and traditionally this is where they unwrap the latest version of iOS and OS X. iOS has come a long way since 2007 and Apple has covered a lot of

Watch WWDC live at the Mac meetup!

Watch WWDC Live at the Mac Meetup! 2nd June from 5:30pm in Soho, London   The Mac Meetup returns this June for an extra special WWDC event. Find out first hand what Apple has in store for Apple IT Professionals

Apple opens OS X betas to non-developers

So with WWDC fast approaching Apple have just released a change in their policy regarding betas. In the past you had to be a signed up developer to access pre-release copies of OS X. This has now changed. Apple have

Our favourite new features from WWDC 2013

Following yesterday’s keynote at WWDC, we wanted to share with you which newly added features and updates we’re most looking forward to and why… we would also love to hear your thoughts, so let us know in the comments section

More reasons to get a developer account

Yesterday was Apple’s most important keynote for a long, long time and boy did they announce some interesting stuff. A whole host of new software and hardware announcements where made. Apple’s next incarnation of OS X , ‘Mavericks’, was announced,