More reasons to get a developer account

Yesterday was Apple’s most important keynote for a long, long time and boy did they announce some interesting stuff.
A whole host of new software and hardware announcements where made.

Apple’s next incarnation of OS X , ‘Mavericks’, was announced, switching from the cat names we are so used to. Boasting over 200 new features including Tabbed Finder, Tags and better support for multiple displays. A lot of the UI is simpler than previous incarnations, gone is the leather stitching. The last remaining iOS apps have been added including iBooks and Maps and under the hood there are improvements to the way power management is handled.

Apple also announced iOS 7 with a complete make over. The biggest change since iOS was released. I must admit to liking the new look but I can see it being polarising. As well as the make over, hundreds of new features have been added. My favourites are the new Control Centre, which gives you one touch access to the most commonly used controls, such as WI-FI and Bluetooth and AirDrop, which makes transferring files between iOS devices simple.  Multitasking has also been improved, allowing apps more freedom to run services in the background.
So, more changes are coming to our favourite OS’s and as promised Apple are now delivering these changes on an annual basis. Being prepared for these changes in your company is critical. Will your apps still work? Do your custom scripts implode etc. Therefore, having early access to these new systems is a priority. The good news is that anyone can get hold of them. All you need to do is to sign up to one of the paid developer accounts, , and you will have instanct access to the beta’s.