Our favourite new features from WWDC 2013

Following yesterday’s keynote at WWDC, we wanted to share with you which newly added features and updates we’re most looking forward to and why… we would also love to hear your thoughts, so let us know in the comments section below!
Daryl McCartney – Apple Trainer
OS X Mavericks Multiple Display Feature. Big issue since full screen apps were that you could only use 1 display at a time and this change alone is majorly significant. Also the fact they have added Extended Display to Airplay through your Apple TV where 10.8 only had a mirroring.
I’m really looking forward to this feature as it will be an added bonus when teaching a course. Being able to demo on a separate screen with the menu bar available is very beneficial (saves me having to clean my desktop). Also the possibility to present on a large screen HDTV without the need to run a display cable to plug your machine and remembering to have the right display adapters with you.
osx mavericks multiple displays
Darren Wallace – Mac Consultant:
I love the new Mac Pro, the design, look and feel is really impressive and definitely worth the wait, I can’t wait to get my hands on one. The incorporation of AirDrop into iOS is actually my favourite new feature and will certainly prove to be useful whilst I’m onsite at a clients.
mac pro
Richard Mallion – IT Director
Keychain syncing makes a welcome comeback, used to use this a lot with MobileMe, which means that you can sync all your passwords across all your devices. Xcode has also been updated with some great new features to help developers, can’t wait to introduce this into our app development classes. And of course the Mac Pro…
keychain syncing osx
Dan Still – Mac Consultant:
iOS 7 rocks… I’ve downloaded it today onto my iPhone 4 (it did take 2 hours) and from what I’ve already seen I’m pleased I’ve made the switch from iOS 6. Everything, from how you close down an app to the control centre is brilliant. I have to say that although Apple have been accused of taking lots of ideas from different platforms etc it shows that they are listening to their customer base and have pulled it off brilliantly. Well done Jony.
Cheryl Lancely – Training Operations Manager:
I am so pleased that with iOS 7 they have introduced the functionality for apps to update automatically in the background – as I always forget to do it and then end up with loads and it takes forever!!
Alex Hawes – CEO
Although, in my opinion, most of the updates are cosmetic, I’m pleased that a real, functioning multitasking feature has been added to iOS 7 which means that multitasking will now be an option that app developers can add to their own apps!
multi tasking on iOS 7
Amy Smith – Training Co-ordinator:
It was very interesting watching the keynote yesterday, as this was the first time watching one. I like the many changes that they have made to iOS 7… the new colours and new icons, which I think makes the iphone look more attractive and vibrant!
They have added some nifty touches making things a little easier, like swiping across the screen to go back to the previous page and the Apps updating themselves automatically, this is going to save a lot of time and hassle, as I always leave them and have loads to update at a time!
James Holt – Recruitment Manager:
Activation Lock – improved security is always a good thing and this new feature is really important as it means that if a thieving scoundrel were to get their hands on my precious Percy the iPhone and tries to turn off the ‘Find My iPhone’ app or wipe the phone data, they won’t be able to activate the phone without my iCloud password.
activation lock iphone
Russell Harris – Apple Trainer:
For me, to choose something that isn’t iOS 7 or mentioned before by others, I’d like to nominate iWork for iCloud.
In training it will be handy to fully edit our Pages and Keynote documents with a web browser when we’re preparing courses as we can ask each other for input without the need to go to our work machine to load up the documents.
Do you have a favourite feature announced in yesterday’s keynote? If so, let us know in the comments section below 🙂