What do I want in iOS 8?

So Apple’s annual developer conference is just around the corner and traditionally this is where they unwrap the latest version of iOS and OS X.
iOS has come a long way since 2007 and Apple has covered a lot of the major features required for any modern mobile operating systems.
So here is my wish list for iOS 8.
AirDrop is a fantastic feature. I use it nearly every day sending files from OS X to OS X and from iOS to iOS but what I can’t do is AirDrop a file between OS X and iOS. This would be so useful. At the moment  AirDrop on iOS works in a fundamentally different way to OS X . Mainly is the way devices discover each other. iOS uses bluetooth while OS X uses wireless. I really hope  Apple  makes changes to both iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 so AirDrop is compatible with each other.
One of the biggest issues we face is how you get documents onto an iOS device and once there how you can move documents between apps. Due to the sandboxing nature of iOS apps there currently is not an elegant way of doing this. Yes we have various methods to do this including iTunes File Sharing, email, iCloud and the “Open In”menu , but I want something a bit more useful. So what I would like to see is something equivalent to the Photos app for documents. This documents app would act like a container or central repository for docs. Docs would be copied to it and then through secure APIs, apps could be granted access to these docs in a similar way apps currently have with the photo library.
Siri has been around for a few years now, and its gradually become more useful over this time. I would really like to see Apple open up Siri to third party apps. Just image what third party developers could achieve by adding Siri integration to their apps.
Text Edit
I use Text Edit on OS X quite a lot, especially for smaller size text files. Would be nice to have the equivalent for iOS, especially if iCloud could sync between them.
Trusted Location
Android on the Moto X has a great feature where you can specify trusted bluetooth devices or networks. If the phone is connected to one of these then Android relaxes the security. For instance the lock screen is disabled. This is so useful. Why do I want all the security while I am home for instance. Obviously this would be off by default. Going one stage further it would be nice to have something similar to locations on OS X where I could set up profiles for my device. For instance when I’m in the car disable wi-fi but enable bluetooth by selecting a ‘profile’ etc.
An iTunes based payment system
Apple has an extensive payment system for their various stores. It currently has over 800 million credit cards on file. It would be great if they offered API’s so you could make purchases through your iTunes account, similar to PayPal.
So that’s my list. What do you want to see?