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get send email work with yosemite
Mac OS X

OS X Yosemite hidden feature series – Part 2

Following on from Part 1 in this Yosemite series, looking at features of Yosemite that are not so well known or perhaps even hidden, Part 2 will focus on added features to the Apple Safari web browser app. Apple have

Mountain Lion text bug causes apps to crash

By Richard Mallion A text entry bug has been discovered in Mountain Lion which causes most apps to crash. The bug is this: If you open an app that supports text entry, for instance TextEdit, and type in: The app

Fix Corrupt PDF's from Safari in Mountain Lion

By Richard Mallion For a while I have been experiencing issues when saving PDF’s from Safari. By either using the ‘Save-As’ option or attempting to print them resulted in a corrupt file. If  I attempted to view the saved PDFs

Share Sheets Makes AirDrop, Twitter, Vimeo Easier

Apple first introduced AirDrop in Lion, making it really easy to file share between two Macs running Lion. In Mountain Lion, Apple have gone one step forward and made this feature available anywhere on the Finder. In addition to that, Apple also

Have You Been Missing RSS in Safari?

So Safari in Mountain Lion has some great additions but if you ever used RSS feeds you may have been disappointed to have found that this has been removed. While there is no direct way to integrate RSS back into

Safari used to exploit hole in Windows 7

Apple Safari has been used to exploit a zero-day security hole in Windows 7. Security company Secunia today announced a highly critical zero-day vulnerability affecting Windows 7. Secunia confirmed that the vulnerability affects fully patched Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and

Chrome with a polish

I love Google Chrome as a browser. It feels intuitive, fast and, well, better than Safari which used to be my browser of choice. Default Mac behaviour is to ask if you really want to quit something, which can be

Safari 5.1.2 out now, fixes memory leaks, stability

By Richard Mallion Apple has released version 5.1.2 of Safari, now available via Software Update. This version increases stability, fixes a few issues that could cause hangs and memory leaks, and fixes an issue that would allow web page to flash