Fix Corrupt PDF's from Safari in Mountain Lion

By Richard Mallion
For a while I have been experiencing issues when saving PDF’s from Safari. By either using the ‘Save-As’ option or attempting to print them resulted in a corrupt file. If  I attempted to view the saved PDFs I was presented with a message informing me the files where damaged.

This has been a problem ever since I upgraded to Mountain Lion. So over the weekend I finally found time to find a soltuion to this annoying issue.
Searching the various forums indicated this was a fairly wide spread problem.
After a bit of patience I finally found the solution.
The issue was caused with a plug-in for Acrobat Reader. Specifically the plug-in “AdobePDFViewerNPAPI.plugin”. This plug-in can be found in “/Library/Internet Plug-ins”. By deleting this plug-in normality was restored and I can now save PDFs from Safari. This problem has plagued a number of machines I work on.
If you have the same issues then this fix will solve your problems. Please note: only remove the plug-in I listed above. There are other plug-ins and these should be left.