Have You Been Missing RSS in Safari?

So Safari in Mountain Lion has some great additions but if you ever used RSS feeds you may have been disappointed to have found that this has been removed. While there is no direct way to integrate RSS back into Safari, there is a handy work around you can perform instead.

Step 1

There is a Safari extension you can download to your Mac called “Subscribe to Feed.”
Downloading and installing this will then enable a small RSS button next to your URL field.

rss safari

This will now detect an RSS feed on your webpage.  The only issue with this is now is if you press the button it will attempt to open Mail to then display the RSS feed, but as Mail has also had its RSS capabilities removed, we need to find a different way to open the feed.

Step 2

There is no easy way in OS X to choose a default RSS reader. There is however a third party system preference pane called RCDefaultApp which has options to allow us to change many of our default application settings. Download it here
Please note that this app has not been updated for several years now and does not list Mountain Lion support, so use at your own risk. In my own testing I found no issues with using it to change my default RSS reader.

Step 3

Now we know how to change the default RSS reader application, we then need to find a suitable replacement RSS reader. There are many possibilities you can obtain from the Mac App Store, some free, some paid for. Finding these is merely a matter of personal preference but I personally like the look of Reeder.
Step 4
Once installed, change your default RSS reader to your new application and now clicking on the RSS button in Safari will automatically open your RSS reader application and display the feed!

using rss on safari mountain lion