Chrome with a polish

I love Google Chrome as a browser. It feels intuitive, fast and, well, better than Safari which used to be my browser of choice. Default Mac behaviour is to ask if you really want to quit something, which can be a little annoying, until you quit by mistake because of a short in neural synapses. Then it saves your bacon. I have often accidentally hit ⌘ + Q when I meant to hit ⌘ + W in Chrome. It’s both frustrating and a productivity killer to close your entire browser by accident, because you then have to restart and wait for all the pages to reload. It is accidents like these that made you WISH that you were questioned for your foolish behaviour, rather than just trusted as a superior being.
On the Mac, Chrome can now warn you before quitting so that you don’t accidentally quit the browser when you’re just trying to close a single tab. To enable this feature, go to the Chrome menu in the upper-left and select Warn Before Quitting. The next time you press ⌘ + Q, a floating window will appear, instructing you to Hold ⌘Q to Quit. This way, if your hand slips and you press Q instead of W, you can go right on browsing without interruption. If you really do want to quit, hold down ⌘Q as it says and, after a second, all the windows will fade away and you can release the keys. If you want to skip this warning and quit quickly, you can just press ⌘ + Q twice.
As a side note, if you ever accidentally close a tab or window, you can use Chrome’s tab restore feature to get it back. Simply press ⌘ + shift + T, which will reopen the most recently closed tab or window. Just like the Undo command in your word processor, you can use this shortcut multiple times to repeatedly reopen closed tabs. You can also find tabs you’ve recently closed on the bottom of the New Tab page, or in the History menu.
Ahhh. The little things.
By Adam Davies