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Best App – If you use a bus!

OK. Scenario: You are standing at the bus stop (one without the digital sign to say coming). It says on the little sign that the bus is due every 5 – 7 mins. It has been 20. What do you

iTunes 12 Days of Christmas available to download

Like free media? Ok, a stupid question, but in this season of giving (or gifting, if you will) who wouldn’t like a free single? A free App? A free TV Show? Even a free Movie? If (like me) you answered

See the iTunes Track in the Dock

By Richard Mallion Here’s a great little tweak for the Dock that will cause a pop-up window to momentarily appear each time iTunes begins playing a new track Quit iTunes if it’s open, then open a Terminal window and type the

Get Where's my Water free from Apple's Facebook page

By Richard Mallion Apple is giving yet another popular game away using its Facebook page — this time, it’s Disney’s Where’s my Water up for grabs. To grab your free copy of the great water-guiding physics puzzler, just head over to Apple’s App Store Facebook