iTunes 12 Days of Christmas available to download

Like free media?

Ok, a stupid question, but in this season of giving (or gifting, if you will) who wouldn’t like a free single? A free App? A free TV Show? Even a free Movie?
If (like me) you answered ‘yes’ to at least one of these last (ok again, stupid) questions then take a look at Apple’s “iTunes – 12 Days of Christmas” App for iPhone and iPad.
This year marks the third year running Apple has released this app. What does it do? How about once per day, for twelve days (from 26th December 2011 until 6th January 2012) Apple will give you a preselected free gift of a Music single, Movie, TV Show episode or an App for your iOS device.

That’s all well and good but I bet that they couldn’t give these things away, even for free!

The honest answer is largely dependent on taste but the last few years have provided a large variety of different items catering to different tastes. Particular highlights include:

  • Michael Buble EP
  • Father Ted Christmas Special Episode
  • Trivial Pursuit App for the iPhone
  • First episode of Outnumbered
  • Broken Sword App for the iPhone
  • Mirror’s Edge App for the iPhone
  • Selection of David Guetta’s music videos
  • A certain low rated film featuring female Vampires, James Corden and Mathew Horne (NSFW!)

At the end of the day there is many items you may consider but wouldn’t like to put some hard-earned cash down for, so to quote a phrase, ‘why not fill your boots?’


These are only available for 24 hours, what if I forget? Also, what if I don’t own an iPod/iPad/iPhone?

Aha, the App designers at Apple have thought about you! The application includes push notifications to alert you as to when a new freebie is available for download. Additionally, if you do not own an iOS device Apple have said you can “come back 26 December to download gifts from your computer.”


iTunes – 12 Days of Christmas on the iOS App Store: