Best App – If you use a bus!

OK. Scenario: You are standing at the bus stop (one without the digital sign to say coming). It says on the little sign that the bus is due every 5 – 7 mins. It has been 20. What do you do? Start walking? Find the nearest tube? Get a Boris bike?
Well there is a great app to find out when London buses will be arriving, stores favourite stops, and checks any routes that you may travel. Bus Checker is an absolute must for any bus people. It tells (with live TFL updates) when your bus is going to eventually pitch up, it lets you save favourite stops, and allows you to search what routes are available to your destination.
What more could you want?
So, if you are looking for an app to help you get from A-Z (on a bus), this is for you. Plus it is hilarious to use Apple’s Find Friends app to track how close someone is to arriving. (Note: I will be there in 5, just on the bus…)
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By Adam Davies