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Apple updates iBooks Author EULA

By Richard Mallion So there has been some confusion and controversy overs Apple’s EULA for their new iBooks Author application. Today Apple have update the application 1.0.1 with an updated and slightly less confusing EULA. So to sum up the

How iBooks 2 Can Help Your Business

By Richard Mallion On Thursday Apple released iBooks 2, an iOS app that allows you to view amazing new interactive TextBooks as well as a new Mac OS X app , iBook Author, which allows you to create these media rich interactive

Apple releases iBooks 1.5

By Richard Mallion Apple has released an update to its iBooks app. The iBooks 1.5 update brings some substantial new features to Apple’s ereader software including the following: Nighttime reading theme makes reading books in the dark easier on the eyes. Full-screen