Apple updates iBooks Author EULA

By Richard Mallion
So there has been some confusion and controversy overs Apple’s EULA for their new iBooks Author application. Today Apple have update the application 1.0.1 with an updated and slightly less confusing EULA.
So to sum up the EULA:
1. If you produce a book with iBooks Author and you give it away free then you can publish the book anywhere. Whether its on Apple’s iBook store on maybe your own web site or kindle.
2. If however you create a book with iBooks Author and you charge for it then it can only be sold on Apple’s iBookstore.
However the EULA does not cover actual content just the creation of a book using iBooks Author. If you want to charge for your book say on Kindle, then there is nothing stopping you using another application to create an ebook with the same content and selling it on non Apple platforms.
The restriction is somewhat moot, however. Only iBooks 2.0 on iOS can even read and display .ibooks files, so there’s little advantage to trying to sell such e-books outside of the iBookstore.