How iBooks 2 Can Help Your Business

By Richard Mallion
On Thursday Apple released iBooks 2, an iOS app that allows you to view amazing new interactive TextBooks as well as a new Mac OS X app , iBook Author, which allows you to create these media rich interactive TextBooks.
Though the focus was on the educational market, iBooks 2 could have an affect on businesses as well. Below are a few possibilities on utilising iBooks 2 on your business.
1. Training for your employees
iBooks 2 gives businesses a great opportunity to provide exciting interactive training environments for their staff. Rather than each employee receiving a printed manual they could instead be immersed into a very rich training environment. With iBooks 2 you can easily embed rich media such as audio and video as well a presentations and various other types of documents all of which could be made interactive. The other advantage is that the training material is easily more updatable in an electronic form such as iBooks.
2. Sales Tool
iBooks 2 makes  great sales tool. You could create a great interactive catalog of your products. Your sales people armed with an iPad could walk your clients through your products. Each product could be represented with rich media such as video, audio or 3d models or photo galleries. Allowing your client to interact with the iBook would keep their attention for a much longer period of time than traditional methods of selling.
3. Company Documentation
Lets face it all companies have hugh amounts of documentation of how their company runs. For instance at Amsys we have hugh manuals for our disaster recovery plan and each department has a manual explaining all the procedures that are implemented in order for department to run efficiently. Having these as an iBook would make finding information a lot easier but using the standard spotlight features.
4. Less Paper
Less paper means money saved and a little help for the environment.
iBook Author Training Courses
Amsys are about to roll out in-depth training courses on iBook Author. If you are interested then please contact our training department at