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Win a free training course of your choice, with Amsys!

We’ve been celebrating the countdown to the 50 billionth download on the App Store, which was reached on Wednesday. So, we have decided to offer one lucky person a free training course of their choice… all you have to do

How to Hide Apps from your App Store Purchases List

With Snow Leopard and Lion, you could hover your mouse over the ‘Install’ or ‘Download’ button in the App Store Purchases list, then an ‘x’ would appear allowing you to ‘HIDE’ this purchase from the list. This was useful if

Mac App Store Debug Menu

By Richard Mallion The Mac App Store has a debug menu which is disabled by default. You can enable the debug menu, by enabling the ShowDebugMenu key in To do this enter the following command in the terminal. defaults

Great little app to help you pay less for your pint abroad

Currency for iPhone Picture the scene; you’re out on holiday in Valencia, enjoying the lovely beaches and the sunny weather. You pass by a number of bars and realise you have a sudden urge for a nice cool refreshing beer.

Mactracker – The one-stop resource for Apple information.

Originally released way back in 2001, Mactracker has been around for a good ten years now. It started as a very basic application listing minor details on Apple Mac Clients its now grown into a one-stop shop for anything Apple

Mac App Store tops 100 million downloads

By Richard Mallion The Mac App Store has reached a significant milestone. According to an Apple press release, customers have downloaded over 100 million apps inless than a year. Phil Schiller, senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, said, “With more than

Get Where's my Water free from Apple's Facebook page

By Richard Mallion Apple is giving yet another popular game away using its Facebook page — this time, it’s Disney’s Where’s my Water up for grabs. To grab your free copy of the great water-guiding physics puzzler, just head over to Apple’s App Store Facebook

Pixelmator 2 Released

By Richard Mallion The fantastic image editor, Pixelmator, has just been upgraded to version 2 on the Mac App Store. New features include: New look and feel Drawing Tools and Shapes Healing Tool with Content-aware fill Smudge, Sponge, Burn, Dodge,

Remove apps from purchase history in the Mac App Store

By Richard Mallion With the Lion 10.7.2 update you can  now remove purchases from your Purchased history in the Mac App Store. Click the Purchased button at the top of the store then move your cursor over an app from