Great little app to help you pay less for your pint abroad

Currency for iPhone

Picture the scene; you’re out on holiday in Valencia, enjoying the lovely beaches and the sunny weather. You pass by a number of bars and realise you have a sudden urge for a nice cool refreshing beer. However, you’ve heard rumours that certain bars will charge a much larger premium then others, relying on passing trade to not know better. Without finding and checking every bar in the area how do you know you’re getting a decent price for a pint? Try “Currency” for iPhone, iPad, Android and HP WebOS.


Currency features the ability to convert to and from over 120 currencies used in over 180 countries and has the ability to auto-update the exchange rates via Wifi or Cellular networks. Additionally you can add a list of currencies to show at all times, especially good if you frequent a number of locations throughout the year.currency app

Personal View

As part of my work duties I’ve had the fortunate pleasure of visiting France, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany and Spain in the last 3 months, as well as Austria, Turkey and the USA earlier this year. As you can imagine that means that I’d be using (and spending!) 5 different currencies, some different one week to the next.
Trying to memorise exchange rates and use a calculator whilst in a shop is time consuming and awkward. Having the one App living on my phone (which I already carried with me) and the ability to update the rates on the hotel Wifi every evening was a great help and was one less thing on my mind when I should be working!
Finally, its free! What more could you want?


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