Mactracker – The one-stop resource for Apple information.

Originally released way back in 2001, Mactracker has been around for a good ten years now. It started as a very basic application listing minor details on Apple Mac Clients its now grown into a one-stop shop for anything Apple configuration related. Covering items as varied as Apple servers and desktops, right up to iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs. 


What Operating System did my Mac ship with?

What is the maximum RAM it can take?

When did Apple start and stop manufacturing my Mac?

All of these questions and more are answerable from this simple (and Free!) application.
Mactracker can display (deep breathe):

    • Overview: Including Model Identifiers, Start/end manufacturing dates, Model Number, support status and weight and dimensions.


    • Processor information: Including type, speed, architecture, core number and cache amount.


    • Storage and Media: Including Hard Drive type, size and speed, and Optical drive type and speed.


    • Software: Including the original and later OS’ the Mac shipped with, which Hardware tests the Mac will run and which additional Applications it shipped with.


    • Memory: Including any RAM soldered permanently to the machine, the Maximum RAM and how many slots and the speed it a Mac will accept.


    • Graphics: Including the Card installed, the graphics RAM and connections.


    • Connections: Including the number and type of all ports on the Mac (USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt etc) as well as any Expansion slots.


    • Power: Including Voltages and battery life and type (if present).


    • History: Including a short historical paragraph pulled from


    • Notes: Including links to Apple Support Documents for the particular Mac as well as space to add your own.

Mactracker is a must have application for Apple support staff as well as those who just like to tinker.
To make life even easier there is an iOS version and a Mac OS X version, both for free!

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