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managing ios and os x settings
Best Practice

Best practices in 2015: Managing settings in Mac OS X & iOS

To continue our best practices series for 2015, this time around I’d like to describe the methods for settings management. This is focusing on the central management of settings for the Mac OS such as the login window layout, and

changes to cck2 firefox 35
Other Technical

Changes to CCK 2 usage with Firefox 35

Hello again. Apologies in advance for another blog on Firefox but with a combination of frequent updates and Mozilla (again) changing where the files need to be placed to use CCK, I felt it was needed. *Sigh* Firefox is starting

boot script
Other Technical

Creating your first boot script

Anyone who is using the modular deployment technique will have hit the first stumbling block very early on. If you’re deploying an unbooted, unconfigured OS, how do you get it past the Apple setup assistant? After getting past this hurdle,

mac help
Amsys Blog

Best Practices in 2015: Modular Deployment & Patch Management

Whether you have already deployed Macs in your organisation or you are trying to work out how to do it, one of our recommendations is to adopt a solid deployment and patch management approach from the start. This topic breaks

munki 2
Amsys Blog

Munki 2: Introduction

Hi all. I’ve been meaning to do this for the last few months. On 23rd September 2014, Greg Neagle released the official version 2.0 of the Munki solution. Version 2 has brought a number of (good) changes and additional features

apple device enrollment programme
Amsys Blog

4 "Mac in the enterprise" deployment techniques

4 Mac In The Enterprise Deployment Techniques There are a number of ways you can deploy Mac OS X.  The tools and techniques used have evolved rapidly over the past few years.  In this blog post I will summarize each

Munki: Munki Report PHP Client Installation and Tour

Hey Guys.  I hope you liked my blog on getting your Munki Report PHP server running. I know I like using that Munki logo face again! In this post, I aim to show you how to get your clients hooked

Locking down Firefox with CCK 2

Hello again. Yes it’s another Firefox lockdown blog, and a second CCK one, but I have good reasons! I promise! Firstly, Firefox has changed a little from version 24 to the (at time of writing) current version 30. Secondly, the