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Bash Scripting: Network Locations

Hi all. Welcome back to my (hopefully) popular Bash scripting series! In this batch I plan to go through some items which I learnt for a recent education project: modifying network locations via the command line, modifying proxy settings via

OS X Server – Caching Service Part 2

By David Acland and Richard Mallion In a previous blog (Caching Service Part 1), we discussed the Caching service that Apple shipped with the latest update to OS X Server. In this blog we will discuss some of the advanced

OS X Server – Caching Service Part 1

By Richard Mallion and David Acland So one of the advantages of Apple moving OS X Server to a single app is that they can deliver faster updates and new features. Last week Apple delivered an update to OS X

Client security part 1 – ways to lock the screen

I’ve found myself doing a fair bit of work for a number of clients, concentrating on client security (e.g. security of user’s Macs). After some thought, I’ve decided to do another mini-series regarding simple methods to ‘harden’ your Mac computer.

Managing the Dock From the Command Line

Hi Everyone. As you can probably see the punctuality of my posts are becoming a bit of a running joke, one that I promise is not intentional! To make up for it I found an interesting little gem a few

Bash Scripting: Examples

Hi everyone. I hope you’re still enjoying the strange yet warm September weather! Today’s blog will be the last in this Bash Scripting series, at least for the time being. In this final edition I have provided two examples of

Bash Scripting: rsync

Hey all. I’m back again with another installment in my (hopefully) popular bash scripting series. In fact this is the penultimate installment for the current time frame. For this, ‘one before last’ scripting blog I have decided to take a

Bash Scripting: Mount

Hey all. Hope you’ve all been enjoying the shockingly great weather we’ve had over the last few weeks. Or how about those Olympics? Team GB didn’t do too badly overall! Ok, down to work. I apologise once again for the

Bash Scripting: How to Use if

Over the last few weeks I have gone through what I consider to be key points and rules over scripting in general, and Bash scripting specifically. This week, I’ve decided to take a look at one of the most common

DHCP Addresses Disappearing & Not Near a Mac to Check Why?

Review: Fing – Network Scanner for iPhone Ever wanted to quickly see what’s on your network? DHCP addresses disappearing quickly and you’re not near a computer to check why? How about Fing! Features Fing features the ability to quickly scan