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Skype 5.4 beta adds Facebook to Facebook calls

By Richard Mallion Skype has just posted a new beta of their Mac Skype client that allows you to  make video and voice calls, as well as send instant messages, to all your Facebook friends direct from Skype.

VMWare Fusion Updated to support Rosetta

VMware released the latest dot update to its Mac virtualization product today.The free update, Fusion 4.1, improves Lion full-screen compatibility, graphics performance and startup options; it can be downloaded immediately for all Fusion customers. One other big change is the way

Pegasus R4 – R6 issues

The Pegasus R4 and R6 RAID units from Promise which are connected to the Mac via Thunderbolt are reported to be intermittently disconnecting, a number of users have said that the drives randomly disconnect, both Promise and Apple are said

Pixelmator 2 Released

By Richard Mallion The fantastic image editor, Pixelmator, has just been upgraded to version 2 on the Mac App Store. New features include: New look and feel Drawing Tools and Shapes Healing Tool with Content-aware fill Smudge, Sponge, Burn, Dodge,

New EFI firmware updates released by Apple

Apple today released EFI firmware updates for a number of Macs that added or made more reliable Lion’s internet recovery mode as well as other minor fixes. The list of machines include: iMac (Early 2011) Mac Mini (mid 2011) MacBook

Apple releases minor update to iPhoto

What’s New in iPhoto 9.2.1 Addresses an issue that could cause iPhoto to quit unexpectedly on Macs with the 3ivxVideoCodec plug-in installed You can grab it from Software Update now.

5 top tips for a good Mac/Cross-platform CV

By Henry Capper.  1- Make your profile work for you Your profile should be a short punchy statement about what it is that you do and what it is that you’re looking for. This is your statement of intent and

Startup key combinations for Intel-based Macs

By Richard Mallion There are now quite a few different combination of keys you can hold down at startup that effects the way your Mac boots, so here is a useful summary. Press C during startup:  Start up from a

Apple Remote Desktop 3.3: Installing in OS X Lion

For those who purchased Apple Remote Desktop the old fashioned way , on CD, may find that the installer will not let you install the software on a Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) computer. It reports that Mac OS X