5 top tips for a good Mac/Cross-platform CV

Helpdesk supportBy Henry Capper.

 1- Make your profile work for you
Your profile should be a short punchy statement about what it is that you do and what it is that you’re looking for. This is your statement of intent and a good profile will grab an employer’s attention and let them know what you are about; this should be tailored for each job.
2- Make it clear what you do
The first 20-30 seconds of a client looking at a CV are the most important.
Make sure your Mac/cross platform operating experience is clearly visible and explain what it is you have done, ideally within a glance at the CV the employer should know:
–       What platform your experience is with
–       What level of experience (e.g. 1st/2nd/server etc.)
–       Length of experience with the operating system
–       Any relevant certifications you have
–       List all hardware/software/technologies you can support
3- What other technical/support knowledge do you have?
Make it clear what other technical/support knowledge you have been working with for each of your previous roles; Let people know if if you have worked with any of the below, if employers don’t see it they will assume you have not done it:
–       Storage systems (XSAN, SAN),
–       Creative packages (Final-Cut pro, Creative Suite)
–       Server (AD/OD integration),
–       Mail servers (Kerio, Exchange)
N.B  make sure that you are competent in the skills you list, only detail actual experience.
4- Show how you have added value
Go beyond detailing your day to day tasks, outline what achievements and/or contributions you have made to your previous employer; every job has key performance indicators, find out what yours are and make them clear. This helps you stand out from the competition.
5- Make it clear
I know it sounds a simple one, but make sure your CV is in a clear format that is easy to read, cluttered CV’s in tiny font instantly put employers off. Also make sure your contact details are clearly displayed.
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