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Will Surface bring open-source to tablet development

The tablet market is becoming increasingly competitive at the moment, with Microsoft releasing its much anticipated Surface, Apple its hugely popular iPad mini and other competitors such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble entering the arena. Apple has a closed

Plex – Awesome Home Media Solution

Although there are some alternatives on the market, my favourite is still Plex. I have been using it at home for a few years now. The solution includes: A Mac mini server with 6TB of external storage (to hold my movies and

Great little app to help you pay less for your pint abroad

Currency for iPhone Picture the scene; you’re out on holiday in Valencia, enjoying the lovely beaches and the sunny weather. You pass by a number of bars and realise you have a sudden urge for a nice cool refreshing beer.

3 Common Mistakes To Avoid During Mobile App Development

1. Packing In Too Many Features One of the popular mistakes amateur app developers make, is to give in to the temptation of using all of the device’s built-in features in their app. Most of the major smartphones available in