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How to create an external bootable installer for macOS

The way we install our operating system has changed with the introduction of macOS Mojave. Most notably, imaging and installing via target disk mode have been dropped. We can still download the installer from the app store but we can

macos terminal skills
Beginner Mac OS and iOS Blogs

In the beginning there was Sudo: macOS Terminal Skills

Having sat on our recent four-day JAMF200 course it was great to revisit some command line skills from times past. Time to dust off those macOS Terminal skills. Bring on Sudo (and the disclaimer of course) Type the following ‘whoami’

Beginner Mac OS and iOS Blogs

Get Ready for macOS High Sierra

You all probably know that Apple’s next operating system for the Mac is called macOS High Sierra. High Sierra introduces new core technologies that improve the most functions of your Mac. From re-architecting how it stores your data to improving

Beginner Mac OS and iOS Blogs

Disable Photos AutoLaunch with camera devices with a profile

Hi All. You guessed it, it’s another customer request blog 😛 This time I had an education customer request that we disable Photos AutoLaunch when you connect an SD card to a Mac. This allowed the user to launch the

luxembourg airport
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How to optimise storage in macOS Sierra

While I find myself sat in Luxembourg Airport for nine hours, I thought it may be a good time to blog. macOS Sierra has included many new features from Universal Clipboard to Unlock with Apple Watch but the one I

Resources for Mac Administration and Troubleshooting

Hi All. Yup, I’m back to the customer requests blogs! This was from a customer who wanted some (ideally free) resources for Mac Admins who are just starting out, going beyond the Apple-tools or even just to keep on top

Beginner Mac OS and iOS Blogs

Nifty MiniDrive

So I’m always on the look out for neat gadgets. One of the issues I always face, like many people, is disk storage.  My internal drive is always full. I got several external drives but they are not always at

Beginner Mac OS and iOS Blogs

Remove default apps in iOS

With the latest release of iOS, 9.3, Apple add the ability to restrict access to a set of apps. This also included the ability to hide the ‘Stock’ apps that come with iOS. This can be useful in deployment such

Beginner Mac OS and iOS Blogs

How to Remove Bluetooth devices from your Mac

Have you been in the situation where you have remove bluetooth devices from your bluetooth list that you no longer have? The problem is that when you go Bluetooth Preferences it doesn’t give you the option to delete the device