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20 years at Amsys – the inside story

To continue the theme started by my colleague Darren who celebrated his 10th year at Amsys. I thought I’d double it and blog about my 20 years at Amsys! Yes, earlier on this year (in May) I celebrated spending 2


Same day iPhone repair & appointments now available

Amsys was authorised by Apple in 2015 to repair and replace iPhones, from iPhone 4 to all of the latest models. Our Apple Certified Technicians have been fully trained and certified to fix or replace most iPhone software and hardware

IPV6 – What you need to know

Remember your server’s internal IPv4 address How about FE80::1 or even 2001:ACAD:DB8:A::1/64? Don’t panic. It’s not that bad! Let me explain. The so familiar IPv4 addresses like will be around for a very long time be we start