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Mac Printing Scripts

Hi all. I’m doing something a little different this time and I’ve got 4 small scripts relating to printers on Mac that I’d like to share. They’ve been pulled together from various places and tweaked many times since I’ve started

Enable Single Sign On Printing in OS X

Hi all. I’ve been to a fair few of our clients’ sites now that run a managed print server for their network printing needs. Almost every time, the print queues need to be SSO / Kerberised to work with Active

Mac OS X: Fixing print cue issues

I recently spent a day onsite during half term looking at a set of iMacs that were intermittently pausing their print queues. I used a few different terminal commands to work around the issue so I thought I’d share the

OS X Mountain Lion printer sharing

OS X Mountain Lion has the ability to allow others to connect to a printer connected to your Mac. As long as they are on your local network, then other Mac and Windows computers are capable of sharing your printer.

Lion Tip: Never Queue for A Printer Again!

Have you ever needed to print quickly but your default printer is busy printing someone else’s stuff? Instead of having to open your printer’s print queue, stop and delete your print job, select another printer and re-print, why not create