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Advanced Mac Software Deployment and Configuration

Practical Approaches for Identifying and Fixing Issues by Tim Sutton, Concordia University Most of us are in the business of helping people in organizations use computers to get their work done. Computers are nothing without the software they run, and

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iBeacons for IT and Device Management

I’ve been testing out iBeacons to add new IT capability since JAMF Software added support in Casper 9.5.  After a bumpy start, now we’re up to 9.7+ things are working well.  This blog describes the setup I’m using and some

Mac Meetup with JAMF: Thanks for attending!

Thanks to everyone who made it to the Mac Meetup with JAMF Software earlier on this week, making it the biggest and best event yet! The event was hosted at our new Apple Support and Service Centre in London and

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4 "Mac in the enterprise" deployment techniques

4 Mac In The Enterprise Deployment Techniques There are a number of ways you can deploy Mac OS X.  The tools and techniques used have evolved rapidly over the past few years.  In this blog post I will summarize each

An interview with Senior System's Engineer, Johannes Henkel

Ahead of our System Administrators conference later this month, we got in touch with our guest speaker, Johannes Henkel to find out about his role at JAMF Software as a Senior Systems Engineer. How long have you been working as a systems engineer?

Guest speaker announced at the Amsys Conference

Last week we revealed the “full” agenda for our annual System Administrators conference, including a session on Apple’s newest software, Yosemite and iOS 8. Since then, there have been some exciting new developments, which has led to some slight adjustments to

JAMF Casper Certified Expert

CCE Course Overview Back in early May 2014, I attended (and passed!) one of the first JAMF Casper Certified Expert (CCE) courses outside of the USA. Mike and Rob (funnily enough, from JAMF) hosted this in the lovely city of

New NetBoot/Reposado Appliance

By Richard Mallion   JAMF Software has made available a virtual appliance that is a Linux server hosting Apple NetBoot services and Apple Software Update services via Reposado, the open-source SUS replacement from Walt Disney Animation Studios. This is an interesting option for