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The return of the Control-Strip!

Move your OS X Dock to the corners of your screen. Following on from my previous ‘Handy OS X Dock keyboard shortcuts’ blog, here’s another little gem about the Dock. For those of you that have been enjoying the Mac

Handy OS X Dock keyboard shortcuts

Like many other IT Techs, I like to use the keyboard more than the trackpad or mouse when using my mac. Therefore, I need to know lots of keyboard shortcuts to access everything in my Dock rather than having to

How to Change the Activity Monitor Icon

For those of you that use Activity Monitor, there is a great little way to be able to change the view of what it shows in the Dock. Simply right click on the dock icon while it is running, choose

How to Remove an Icon from the Dock in Mountain Lion

So, Apple have changed the behaviour on how you remove icons from the Dock. Previously you could just drag the icon from the Dock and it would vanish in a puff of smoke. It didn’t really matter how far away

See the iTunes Track in the Dock

By Richard Mallion Here’s a great little tweak for the Dock that will cause a pop-up window to momentarily appear each time iTunes begins playing a new track Quit iTunes if it’s open, then open a Terminal window and type the

Apple unveils dock to micro USB adapter to comply with EU standards

By Richard Mallion European Union regulations require cell phone vendors to include micro USB connectors as a means of standardizing charging options for cell phones, a necessary move to cut down on the plethora of mutually incompatible charging options that have proliferated