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How to Ping a host with date and time stamps

The Ping command is a useful tool that is used within the Terminal application (Applications > Utilities) and here at Amsys ServiceDesk we regularly use this tool to determine if a host (maybe mail server) is available. The standard Ping

Using DSCL to troubleshoot directory issues

There is a very useful command in terminal that can be used to help troubleshoot machines that are tied to a directory, called the DSCL command. This command allows you to create, read and manage Directory Service data. I use

How to disable the Finder's extension change warning

To carry on with my ‘how to disable’ series, here’s a simple but useful tip. Do you find that the OS X Finder’s warning dialog to be fairly irritating when you’re deliberately changing file extensions? You know what you want

How to disable the Finder's 'Connect to Server' option

Here’s another great little snippet to add to my ‘how to disable’ series! The OS X Finder’s ‘Connect to Server’ menubar option allows a user to specify a network address to connect to for services such as file sharing and

How to Disable the Finder’s Preferences menu option

To add another to my ever growing ‘how to disable’ defaults-write series, here’s another to restrict the Finder. If you want to prevent a user from modifying the Finder’s preferences, one option is to enter a simple command to simply

How to disable the Finder's 'Go to Folder' option.

Here’s another nice little tip in my ‘How to Disable Series’! The OS X Finder’s ‘Go to Folder’ menubar option allows a user to enter the path to any folder in the file system, whether it is visible or not.