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What Mac Support Career Path is Right for me?

I think there comes a time in every Mac Techie’s career, usually after the first year, where they ask themselves, “where am I heading?” Despite Apple only holding 5% of the market, there is in fact a huge variety of

Get Where's my Water free from Apple's Facebook page

By Richard Mallion Apple is giving yet another popular game away using its Facebook page — this time, it’s Disney’s Where’s my Water up for grabs. To grab your free copy of the great water-guiding physics puzzler, just head over to Apple’s App Store Facebook

Mac OS X Lion Resume Tip

How to quickly close an application AND all it’s open windows.In Lion, Resume now allows Applications to resume any windows and documents left open when the Application is quit. For those of you like me that wish to quickly quit an application

Apple releases Final Cut Pro X 10.0.2

By Richard Mallion Final Cut Pro 10.0.2 has been posted by Apple.  It’s a small bug fix for those having problems with title fonts and start times on compound clips. The latest version is now 10.0.2 and includes these changes: Fixes

Apple releases Java updates for Lion, Snow Leopard

By Richard Mallion Java for Mac OS X 10.7 Update 1, released Tuesday, updates the software to version 1.6.0_29, and offers Mac OS X Lion users improved reliability, security, and compatibility. For Snow Leopard users running 10.6.8, Java for Mac OS

Adobe Discontinues Development of Flash Player on Mobile Devices

By Richard Mallion Adobe has reportedly briefed its employees on the company’s plans to abandon development of Flash player for mobile browsers in a blow to Google Android and Research in Motion PlayBook tablets. Adobe’s partners will reportedly receive an

Siri on iPhone 4?

By Adam Davies. Reports doing the rounds are that we may see Apple working on Siri for iPhone 4.  Electronista have confirmed rumours that there has indeed been some early testing of the iPhone 4 running Siri on a test

Mac OS X Lion – Feature – Airdrop

By John Greenash.   Airdrop is a new feature built into OS X Lion to easily facilitate the transfer of data between two computers wirelessly without any configuration necessary. How often do you find yourself sitting in the office and

iOS Keyboard shortcuts

By Richard Mallion iOS 5 has a rather nice keyboard feature where you can assign phrases to shortcuts. Really useful if you repeatly type a long sentence such as an address. As an example their is a default short cut

Pegasus R4 – R6 issues

The Pegasus R4 and R6 RAID units from Promise which are connected to the Mac via Thunderbolt are reported to be intermittently disconnecting, a number of users have said that the drives randomly disconnect, both Promise and Apple are said