WWDC – iOS 6 – Lowdown of the Best Features so Far

By Richard Mallion

Along with Mountain Lion, Apple also took the wraps off the next version of iOS, iOS 6.
Due for release sometime in the Autumn, with what one suspects, new hardware; this version has some great features to look forward to.
Among the highlights of new features, these ones really stand out.


Apple have, after all the rumours, finally ditched Google maps in favour of their own mapping system. Along with the standard 2d maps they include 3d maps with a flyover feature, turn by turn navigation and traffic management. One thing that seems to be missing is the equivalent of Google Street view which I use a lot


Siri has been updated to search for new services such as sports information. It looks like here in the UK we will finally get parity with the US on features. One nice touch in the ability to use Siri to a launch applications


Like Twitter, Facebook is now fully integrated into iOS.


This looks quite neat. Passbook is a new wallet app that will consolidate payment cards and electronic tickets. For example, customers at Starbucks can make payments using their Gold Card through Passbook. Also, movie tickets purchased through Fandango can be redeemed through Passbook. Airline boarding passes and even sporting event tickets will be accessible through Passbook as well. A new API will offer developers access to Passbook.

Do not disturb

You can now disable notifications during a certain period, such as night time so you don’t get disturbed or during a meeting. Another nice feature is if you get a phone call but are unable take it, the phone will either remind you to ring them back or send them a quick sms saying you will get back to them asap.


Looks like we will finally be able to use this over a cellular network and not just limited to Wifi use only.
Regarding hardware specifications, iOS 6 will run on iPhone 3GS or newer but has dropped support for the original iPad.
There are over another 200+ features, go check them out at Apple’s web site.