Who Wants some Easter Eggs?

Geeks get bored and as it is the Easter holidays this coming weekend I thought I would share a few Easter Eggs with you.

Terminal Tetris

  1. Open the application “Terminal” (Applications/Utilities).
  2.  Type the word emacs and press the “Enter” key.
  3. Press the “ESC” key, then the “X” key, then type the word tetris and press the “Enter” key to start playing Tetris.

Run Firefox within Firefox. Weird!

Open Firefox and within the address bar type the address below and press “Return”.

Google Earth Flight Simulator

We should all know the brilliant Google Earth application but did you know it has a hidden flight simulator?

To activate within “Google Earth” simply press the “Cmd” + “Opt” + “A” keys.
Tip: To take off from Heathrow (or your cul-de-sac) simply do a search for a places name or postcode before activating the simulator.

Watch Star Wars the movie in the Terminal

  1. Open the application “Terminal” (Applications/Utilities).
  2. Type telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl and press the “Enter” key.

Tip: Lion users press the “Alt” + “Cmd” + “F” key to enter/leave glorious HD view!