Where are my iCloud Documents Stored?

So Mountain Lion has been out for a few months now and one of the big features of it is “Documents in the Cloud” – the ability to have documents automatically sync between your Mac computers and iOS devices automatically using your iCloud account.
While a useful feature, you may have noticed that the documents you create only show in the application that originally created it. For example, if I created a document in TextEdit, I would then be unable to open it in Pages as it would not appear.
Luckily iCloud syncs a copy of each document locally to the computer as well, so there is a way of choosing which app will open the document as opposed to relying on the default.

So where are these documents?

Within the User Library folder, there is another folder called Mobile Documents.
If you access the “Go’ menu in the top menu bar, choose “Go to Folder” and type
~/Library/Mobile Documents
It will take you directly to the location.
Once there, you can then navigate the folders for each iCloud enabled Application you have installed and then see what files are located in each one.