What's Needed to Design & Develop iOS Apps

A couple of weeks ago we held an invite only free half day seminar introducing the world of iOS development to business and technology leaders. A range of important areas were discussed that are vital to any streamlined app development process, which include:

The basis of iOS development:

  • Learn about the different iOS devices and their capabilities
  • Understand the differences between different iterations of the iOS operating system
  • Learn about the different Apple Developer programs
  • Learn about the different types of applications that can be developed including their pros and cons

The available tools & necessary skills required:

  • An overview of Apple’s Development tools
  • The equipment list required to start developing
  • Understand the key skills set required to develop an iOS application
  • Understand which back office systems you can integrate with
  • Understand which web based systems you can integrate with

The initial planning stages:

  • How to plan your application including: Creating a detailed specification on the features required
  • How to wire-frame your application
  • Design: Understand what assets are required for you application as well as what tools are available to create your unique look and feel

Stages of development & knowledge needed:

  • Understand the coding processios apps ipad iphone
  • How to handle the test and bug fixing stage

Getting your app out there:

  • How to deploy your finished application

Overall the seminar was designed to give a project manager, decision maker or someone who may end up developing the app an idea of what’s involved, what skills sets you need, how to plan the project and some of the pitfalls you may possibly encounter without the correct planing and processes in place.
The seminar was a great day for all involved and has directly created its own spin off course, What’s Involved in Developing iOS Apps, that delves deeper into all the topics covered as well as a few extra hints and tips.
We’re looking to run this course on either the 9th or 23rd November at our Soho, Central London based training centre. If you would like to register your interest, or to find out any more information about this informative iOS course please get in touch by calling us on 020 8645 5806 or emailing training@amsys.co.uk