What would you do with $100 Billion??

Reading through Apple’s latest quarterly results, there was one thing that really stuck in my mind. It wasn’t the record sales of Mac’s, iPhone’s and iPad’s. It wasn’t even the fact they had almost $50 Billion revenue, or $13 Billion profit – It was the fact that Apple are now sitting on top of a pile of cash and marketable securities in the region of $100 Billion!
To put this into perspective, that is approximately the annual GDP (based on 2010 figures) of a country such as Sudan or Tunisia and more than an oil producing country such as Libya.
I started thinking to myself, what could Apple do with that money?
Based on stock prices as of time of writing, they could buy Yahoo!….5 times over. Or maybe a 40% share in Microsoft, or 50% in Google… If they were feeling especially generous, they could give £1000 to every person in the UK today and still have some change left over!
Obviously none of the above are ever likely to happen so I guess we will just have to see what Apple will do – If you have any idea’s, feel free to post them below and let us know what you think – time will tell whether you are right or not!