What to do if your iPhone gets wet

Spills, splashes and rain are almost inevitable when it comes to devices in heavy use, so here’s what to do if your iPhone comes into contact with liquid. Follow these steps to give your device the best chance of survival.

Remove it from the water immediately and turn it off. Water is conductive and any liquid in the circuits can cause your device to short, potentially causing permanent damage. Reduce exposure by removing the device from contact with the liquid instantly and get the device powered off as a priority. Seconds can count here so move fast.

Dry the outside. Use a lint free cloth and dry the outside and ports to remove as much of the liquid as possible. Work swiftly and move onto the next step once the device is relatively dry.

Remove the case, battery, sim card and microSD card. Strip the device of accessories and remove the battery, disassembling any other removable parts, like the sim card tray. Any loose parts can trap water or become damaged so it’s best to separate them and dry everything thoroughly.

The liquid contact indicator is under the sim tray. If it’s red your device has received water damage but it might still be salvageable by continuing these steps. If it’s white or silver your device has not received water damage and it’s safe to spend a little less time, but you might want to continue the drying steps to make sure.

If the liquid was anything other than water, especially sugary or acidic drinks, you’ll want to give the device a thorough clean at this point. These liquids can stick around and corrode the contacts long after the device has dried. Carefully use a soft cloth or cotton bud with demineralised water or isopropyl alcohol to clean any sticky patches. If you’re not confident doing this please contact our technicians.

Dry the device properly, removing as much liquid as humanly possible, then leave the device to air dry or use a desiccant designed for drying electronics. Rice doesn’t improve drying time and adds a risk of dust and particles so you can skip this one!

You should leave your device to dry for as long as possible, at least overnight, but preferably for two days or more. Remember that any remaining liquid can short the device so be patient! Once the device is thoroughly dry, reassemble it and switch it on to check for damage.