What to do if There are Coloured Lines on your Mac Screen

As this is my first post for the blog and as a member of our Mac repair workshop I thought I’d cover some useful tips for troubleshooting common display problems – so if you have any thoughts or would like something to be featured, then please write them down in the comments at the end of this post. Thanks!

Display Problem – A Coloured Vertical Line

If your Mac is having video issues i.e. a coloured vertical line appears down the screen, try taking a screen shot of the screen, this will then take a screen shot of the image that you see before you using the Mac’s video card. If the display problem doesn’t render on the screen shot then this means that there’s an issue with the LCD display as the screen shot isn’t an image of the LCD display.
If the image does render then the video card is faulty and more than likely you wouldn’t have been able to get this far with your assessment. ☺

What to do now?

mac serial number
First off, you will want to find out whether your Mac is still covered by it’s warranty or not.
To do this you will need your Mac’s serial number:
Navigate to the Apple menu in the top left hand corner of your screen

  • click on “About this Mac”
  • click “More Info”

Then you can use one of the following great apps to check your warranty status:
Download either the free Mactracker App or the paid  iWarranty checker App  enter your serial number and the app will tell you whether your Mac is in warranty or not and the specifications of your machine.
Armed with this information you can then call either Apple or an Authorised Service Provider like Amsys to tell them the spec of the Mac and the problems that you have identified so that the engineer can then advise you on what to do next.
If your Mac is experiencing any problems and would like quote from our Apple Authorised Workshop then please call 0208 660 9999 or follow this link to fill in the Mac Repair form.