Turn your iphone into a magnifying glass with iOS 10

Last week Apple released the next-generation of their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch operating system : iOS 10.

Over the past week i’ve been having a real good play with it whilst preparing to support customers and start delivering training courses on the latest system and devices.
iOS 10 has added a host of new and updated features, one of those being its ability to use the built-in Camera as a magnifying glass.
Now I am in my 40’s, this is certainly going to start becoming rather useful to me!
This could be the case for you so I’ve written this blog to show you how to turn your iphone into a magnifying glass
To configure this feature, launch the Settings app and select General > Accessibility > Magnifier, then slide the slider to ON. (It should light up Green) :
You can now easily enable the magnifier by triple-clicking the Home button.
Triple-clicking the Home button can offer multiple Accessibility features, this can be managed by launching the Settings app and then selecting General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut.
You can then select all the items you wish to be offered when triple-clicking the Home button. I have set mine to only offer the Magnifier :
If you have multiple Accessibility Shortcuts configured, when you triple-click the Home button you will be asked which feature you wish to use.
In this example, I have also enabled Zoom as well as the Magnifier :
Now, when I triple-click the Home button, I am offered a choice :
Whether you only have one Accessibility Shortcut configured or multiple, once you have accessed the Magnifier, it will access the camera and offer you a slider to magnify what the camera lens can see :
Using the slider, I can magnify/zoom in on an object :
Tap the lightning bolt to enable the Flashlight.
Tap the padlock to enable Focus Lock.
Tapping the white circle enables Freeze Frame. This allows you to capture the viewable magnified area so that you can walk away and not have to continue to hold your iOS device in front of the object you wish to magnify.
Tap the 3 circle icon to access the Filters typically available in the Camera app.
Blog Summary
I hope you have found this blog useful and look out for other iOS new features, tips and tricks on our Blog.
While the author has taken care to provide our readers with accurate information, please use your discretion before acting upon information based on the blog post. Amsys will not compensate you in any way whatsoever if you ever happen to suffer a loss/inconvenience/damage because of/while making use of information in this blog.
This blog was written and demonstrated using iOS 10.0.1 which was the latest release of iOS at the time of writing.