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Mac OS X

Unit Conversions on Mac: Spotlight

I haven’t really noticed before but Spotlight has been able to do Calculations for a while now. Since Yosemite it can now also do Unit conversions. It’s a nice feature because you don’t need to specify which conversion that you want,

Add Spotlight comments on files without going into "Get Info"

While teaching Support Essentials 10.8 today, which is part of the ACTC certification, I was asked how you could append the Spotlight comments on multiple files/folders without having to go into “Get Info” (⌘I) for each one separately. The simple

Troubleshooting Spotlight

Just recently I have had a few colleagues who have come to me with various Spotlight issues. These have ranged from Spotlight not returning any results when performing a search, to the dreaded spinning beach ball when accessing the Spotlight

Launching Applications Quickly & Spotlight Shortcuts

Sometimes I find myself needing to open an Application that isn’t in my Dock and can’t be bothered to try and find it in Launchpad now that I have so many applications installed. I have found that the easiest and

Spotlight Calculator Tip

Spotlight, Apple’s built in search utility, is a great tool for quickly finding files and applications on your computer but did you realise it also has it’s very own calculator built in? Simply open up the Spotlight menu in the

Mac OS X lion – Tip no 7 – Spotlight New Feature

You can now use Quick View in Spotlight search results, including documents, web pages, contacts, emails and media files and can also expand word definitions from Dictionary. This will allow you to preview you documents and videos before you open