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OS X Server Essentials 10.9 arrives at Amsys!

Greetings from Amsys Training HQ! Following on from Hugo’s blog announcing the exciting news that Mavericks has come to town, I was the lucky trainer given the pleasure of delivering our very first OS X Server Essentials 10.9 course!  

Did you know about this handy search tool on the Apple website?

While teaching Apple’s official courses, there are constant references to Apple’s Support Articles. For those of you that have not used them, by going to you will find the Advanced Search section of the Apple website. This is an

25% off courses taken next week

Easter isn’t all about chocolate and bunnies, but OS X and iOS training too. Book any of the courses below that are running next week, and we’ll knock 25% off as an early Easter treat for you. iOS Security &

20% off ACTC training certification

If you’re still umming and ahhing over taking your ACTC certification… then this is the month for you. Make sure that you take advantage of this limited 20% off “Easter Special” on the ACTC certification, which is only available this