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Chrome first run messages revisited – with added profiles

Hi All, and apologies for the unexpected hiatus. Would you believe we’ve been a little busy! Supporting David Acland’s efforts at the amazing MacADUK conference has made me realise that there’s still things I’ve picked up after the last few

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Bash Scripting: Functions 2

Bash Scripting: Functions 2 Hi all. For this post I decided to share a scripting practice I’ve started using, utilising functions to help make the whole thing easier to read! Looking back This blog builds on my previous Bash Scripting series, including the

The dreaded D word – Documentation (Part 2)

I’m back with part 2 of my thoughts and experiences on technical Documentation. This time, I’ll be looking the types of documentation, and a few tips I’ve picked up. Types The first point you will likely find is that there

The dreaded D word – Documentation (Part 1)

The dreaded D word – Documentation (Part 1) Yup, for most techies, the dreaded “D” word. Give most admins a new network or a new server to install and they’ll leap to the task. Ask them to document the work