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Business accounts with Amsys Mac Repair

Even with Apple… Fail to prepare, prepare to fail Once upon a time, the average workplace was a sea of grey plastic with PC clones wall to wall. Now, you’re just as likely to see brushed aluminium because Apple devices

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iPhone 6 Plus replacement program

Are you aware that Apple has determined that in a small number of iPhone 6 Plus devices – the iSight Camera component could fail to cause your photos to look blurry? The affected devices fall within a limited serial number

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Cant get to our Amsys Store? We could pay your cab fare.

We’ve been talking to our lovely customers in Soho and we’ve learned that some people don’t have enough time to get to our Mac repair walk-in centre. So, if it’s too far, too hot or you just haven’t got the


Fixing Visual Voicemail for iPhone – Amsys

Last week I was experiencing a problem with my voicemail, and after speaking with a few people it seemed to be a common issue. So I’ve written this blog on fixing visual voicemail for iPhone The Problem: Voicemail shows that

iMac 3TB Hard Drive replacement Program

Are you aware that Apple has determined that a small number of 3TB hard drives used in 27-inch iMac systems may fail under certain conditions? The devices affected were sold between December 2012 and September 2013. Apple are contacting customers

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Mac OS X

What will you do when your Macs aren't covered by Warranty?

Macs play an increasingly important role in Enterprise and Education markets; and, therefore, it is important that your Mac hardware is protected against faults, damage and inevitable wear and tear. Protecting your device(s) warranty Apple have put in place a

How to Make the Recovery Partition Visible in Disk Utility

While teaching a 10.7 Support Essentials course today, one of the delegates asked if it was possible to make the recovery partition visible in Disk Utility in case of any corruption that may need to be repaired. If you are

How To: Repair User Permissions in Mac OS X Lion

By Richard Mallion One issue with Mac OS X that pops up every now and again are incorrect permissions. For various reasons permissions on folders, files or applications can get set incorrectly causing random problems from applications quitting to not