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MDM Configuration Profile variable Reference – Revision 2017-11-06

Hi All, So this blog may look familiar, that’ll be because it is! I’ve updated my previous version to include new options from Apple (a few changes) and Jamf (actually no changes), and taking the opportunity to add in FileWave

Using Profile Manager's "Proxies" Configuration Profile

Hi All. Again, this is gonna be another one of those “I had to do something for a client and so I thought I’d share” blogs. Yes, another one! I recently had a requirement to set proxy details for a

JAMF Casper Certified Expert

CCE Course Overview Back in early May 2014, I attended (and passed!) one of the first JAMF Casper Certified Expert (CCE) courses outside of the USA. Mike and Rob (funnily enough, from JAMF) hosted this in the lovely city of

How to Solve Profile Manager Configuration Problems

Last week I showed you the steps I went through to configure Apple’s Profile Manager on Lion server. Hopefully you all had no issues following these to setup your server. However, especially if you have my luck, you most likely

How To: Configure Lion Profile Manager

As a twice-stung Lion Server configuration engineer, I approached the Lion Profile Manager Service with much apprehension. And it did not disappoint. Please bear in mind I was using the 10.7.2 update of Lion Server at the time and was