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Mac Myriad Podcast #1 – Amsys

Mac Myriad (formerly known as Mac Tech SA), founded by Apple Trainer, Lee Balsdon, is a user group for Mac admins, techs and Apple fans in Cape Town, South Africa. The community has been running for just over year, providing

Time Machine 10.8 podcast – Recover Data

  Hi and welcome to the second part of our podcast on Time Machine. My Name is Pete. In this episode I am looking at recovery from a Time Machine backup, in the first part Hugo talked about backing up

Script Trigger in Mac OS X – podcast

Welcome Hello and welcome to this technical podcast from Amsys. My name is David Acland and I’ll be taking you through triggering scripts in Mac OS X. One of my roles here is to develop technical solutions for our customers.

Text to Spoken Word in iTunes

By Richard Mallion During my day I listen to a lot of podcasts, mainly while I am driving. I also read a lot of technical documents but always struggle to find the time to read them. One solution I use