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Magnifier in Preview for Lion

By Richard Mallion Sometimes  when viewing documents in Apple’s Preview application, especially PDFs, I need to zoom into a specific part of the document to look at some fine detail. Preview for Lion has a nice magnifier. This is in addition

Now you can add your signature to PDFs

Ever wanted to be able to quickly sign a document you need to email without having to print it off, sign it and then scan it back on to the computer?  Well new in Lion is the ability to add

Adobe launches PDF reader for iOS

Adobe Reader for iOS was launched launched Monday, a universal app for iPhone and iPad.. The app allows users to view PDF files from email, on the Web, or in any application supporting iOS’s “Open In” function. Among the features:  

Apple updates malware definitions to address PDF trojan

By Richard Mallion Apple has updated its malwaredefinitions to address a PDF trojan that gained widespread attention last week. While reports indicated that the trojan’s damage was limited to installing a backdoor in users’ systems, Apple has moved quickly to counter the threat, updating its