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Mac Support for PC Techs 10.9 Training at Lancaster Uni!

Firstly a Happy New Year to all. With a New Year comes new adventures for all at Amsys Training, and mine arrived in the first working week! I was given the opportunity to travel to Lancaster University to teach not

Apple Technical Training Taken to Dublin

Last week I took a flight to Dublin, Ireland to deliver some Apple Training at Compu b, an Apple Premium Reseller in Ireland. What’s an Apple Premium Reseller? Well, everything Apple basically! Compu b will help you choose your next

Getting Started with Mac OS X in Saudi Arabia

Last month myself and Sam Gardener took a trip to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) had bought over 6,000 macs 3 years ago with around 75% of them being used exclusively with Windows.