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new programming language swift

Swift App: 1 year Later

2nd June 2014, changed the world of iOS and OS X development – forever. This time last year iOS developers across the globe had no idea that in a few days Apple would launch a brand new programming language called

wwdc 2015

Mac Meetup Presents: WWDC 2015 Live Stream London

Apple has confirmed that their annual WWDC event will kick off on the 8th of June. We’ll be hosting a WWDC event by streaming the keynote live on a big screen at our centre in Soho. So if you’re looking

Pro Video Formats 2.01

A few days ago Apple released the Pro Video Formats 2.01 update for OS X. A lot of people have noticed that after installing the update, it keeps re-appearing as an available update to install within the Mac App Store

The latest OS X and iOS 8 updates

Yesterday Apple released two new updates to both Yosemite and iOS 8, which have addressed a number of key features and issues, including: The issue that could cause Macs bound to an Active Directory server to become unresponsive at startup