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Mountain Lion Tip : Useful Spelling and Grammar Tool

I often find myself struggling to spell a word or use the correct grammar whilst writing training courses. OS X has a handy little tool to help with this. Highlighting a word and control-clicking or right-clicking the word brings up

How to Hide Software Updates from the Mac App Store

Sometimes you may make the decision NOT to update a piece of software for a while due to incompatibilities or wanting to keep all machines at the same version until such time you release a new company image. The procedure

How to Hide Apps from your App Store Purchases List

With Snow Leopard and Lion, you could hover your mouse over the ‘Install’ or ‘Download’ button in the App Store Purchases list, then an ‘x’ would appear allowing you to ‘HIDE’ this purchase from the list. This was useful if

Mountain Lion Tip: The New Dashboard

In addition to offering a much simpler Dashboard where your available widgets are presented like apps, Mountain Lion has brought some Launchpad features to your Dashboard. For example, you can now organise your widgets into folders. This works much like

Mountain Lion Tip: The Secret Wi-Fi Diagnostics Tool

By Russell Harris.   OS X Lion released a handy new Wi-Fi Diagnostics app hidden inside /System/Library/Core Services. However, this has been improved in Mountain Lion with an additional Wi-Fi network scanner and a quick way of accessing it. Now in

Mountain Lion: Can my Mac Use Internet Recovery?

Introduced in OS X Lion, Internet Recovery is a great feature if you find that your internal recovery partition isn’t available because your hard drive stopped responding or you installed a new hard drive without OS X installed. Internet Recovery

Gatekeeper Security Feature Blocks Opening of Apps.

Mountain Lion has some great new features. One of them being the security feature Gatekeeper which makes it safer to download apps to your mac by protecting you from accidentally installing malicious software. As great as this feature is, it

How to Easily Rename Files in the Document Header

One thing that always irritated me with 10.7 and earlier was the laborious task of renaming a document you are currently working on. This would involve having to save the current document, close the document down, find the document in